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A message from our president

My husband, Jacques Bouchard, spent the last moments of his life holding my hand, in the peace and comfort of our home. Thanks to the CLSC des Faubourgs palliative care team, he was a “happy cancer patient” when he passed away – an expression he used so often that I can hear his words as if he were alive today.
After Jacques died, in May 2006, I made a commitment to establish a foundation in his memory, in cooperation with Dr. Serge Daneault and Dr. Robert Marchand. Its mission would be to help severely ill patients make a wish come true – often their greatest – as life nears its end: to die peacefully at home. The foundation would offer others the same chance my husband enjoyed.
Our efforts were a great success, and in May 2009 the foundation began assisting its first patients. Many of those we’ve helped since then have been able to pass away at home, surrounded by their loved ones. Many families have openly expressed their gratitude to the foundation. They’ve said what a priceless gift it was to stay by one they loved as death drew near, and share the moment of passing as a quiet farewell, filled with love and respect.
The Fondation Jacques-Bouchard allows patients and their families to experience that farewell more gently in the privacy of their own homes. It’s a chance everyone should have – one that makes all the difference in the difficult times surrounding the death of a loved one.

Caroline Bouchard

Who was Jacques Bouchard?

Advertising executive, author, creator – Jacques Bouchard was a true pioneer in the world of advertising in Quebec. But he was much more than that. His death on May 29, 2006, left a huge void among the province’s most ardent defenders of humanitarian causes. Jacques Bouchard saw life imaginatively and saw it big. Besides founding the Publicité Club, the breeding ground for an industry then in its infancy, he went on to start BCP Advertising, a future advertising leader in Quebec. He also knew just how to read and decode the species Homo quebecensis in his works, especially Les 36 cordes sensibles des Québécois (The 36 Heartstrings of Quebecers), republished in 2006 as Les nouvelles cordes sensibles des Québécois. For this visionary entrepreneur, brilliant author and man of commitment, influence in the media and commercial success were not enough. In 1970, he founded Sociétal, a group of advertising professionals engaged as volunteers in the creation and dissemination of campaigns promoting major humanitarian causes, including among others the problem of child abuse. Jacques put his creativity, generosity and sense of social engagement into everything he did. As a committed philanthropist, he never hesitated to put his managerial talents and writing skills to work helping the causes that mattered to him. By supporting the families of patients nearing the end of life, our foundation hopes to carry on the social commitment of Jacques Bouchard, a great humanitarian, in a manner worthy of his name.

Jacqueline Cardinal et Laurent Lapierre
See J. Cardinal et L. Lapierre
Jacques Bouchard et BCP : l’homme qui connaît ça!

Centre de cas HEC Montréal, 2004, 24 pages.

Board of directors

In 1983, Caroline Bouchard founded the Institut canadien de la zoothérapie (the Canadian institute of pet therapy) in Montreal, and the Association internationale pour la zoothérapie in France 10 years later. In 1995, Albin Michel published her book, Les effets bénéfiques des animaux sur notre santé (the beneficial effects of animals on our health). In 2007, she set up and became founding president of the Jacques Bouchard Foundation.

A physician for more than 30 years, Serge Daneault practices palliative medicine in home and at the CHUM palliative care unit. In his practice, he has accompanied thousands of patients to end of life. Since 1998, he has also pursued research activities on the suffering of the very sick in connection with healthcare services. Dr. Daneault has published numerous scientific papers and essays aimed at health professionals as well as the general public, including “Un médecin se confie – Pour des soins plus humains” (a doctor confides – for more humane care, 2014), “Et si mourir s’apprivoisait… Réflexions sur la fin de vie” (and if death were tamed...reflections on end of life, 2011), and “Souffrance et médecine” (suffering and medicine, 2006).

Family physician since 1980, Robert Marchand is, above all, a man with a big heart. For him, medicine is a vocation. In fact, he defines himself as a country doctor. His dedication to others earned him the title of Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Providing palliative care since 1997, he has been head of the Palliative Care Service and Program at the Verdun Hospital since 2001. Adjunct professor at the Centre hospitalier de Verdun Clinic, affiliated with the Université de Montréal, he also serves as director of the Palliative Medicine program at the UdeM. Dr. Marchand is truly a pillar of palliative care in Quebec.

Geneviève Dechêne has been a general practitioner for 30 years and has been founder and head of the medical team for palliative care at the CLSC Verdun since it was founded in 1998. She is also the scientific director of Quebec’s Palli-science, a website dedicated to palliative care. Co-author of Précis de soins médicales à domicile (handbook of medical care at home) and author of numerous articles on palliative care and home care published in the journal Le médecin du Québec, she received the Réseau des soins palliatifs du Québec award in 2009 for her Continuum de soins aux patients atteints de cancer (the continuum of care for cancer patients), a project to provide continual medical training. In short, when it comes to palliative care at home, Dr. Dechêne knows it all from every angle.

Jean-Paul Galarneau has worked in marketing and communications for over 40 years. He’s put his extensive experience to work on countless projects for major marketing, advertising, and communications companies. He holds a degree in public relations and is a graduate from the HEC in business management with an option in marketing. In the course of his career, he has used his many talent for the benefit of many philanthropic organizations, including the Jacques Bouchard Foundation.

Director-owner (since 1973) of the Centre Financier SFL Agence Labelle, a financial services firm and Desjardins Financial Security partner. A recipient (with his team) of more than 100 Méritas d’excellence awards from the SFL network, as well as numerous national distinctions for his outstanding contributions over the years through his leadership in the development of insurance knowledge and skills, wealth management, and financial services.

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, and international business, Léa Berlinguet worked for four years at the Montreal Council on International Relations as an events coordinator before moving to the investment team at Investissement Grand Montréal, helping to attract foreign businesses to invest in Greater Montreal.

Brigitte Gagnon Kiyanda is a nurse by training and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Université Laval and a master’s degree in education from the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. She specializes in palliative care at the Université de Montréal and holds the title of Certified Palliative Care Nurse from the Canadian Nurses Association. She is currently teaching assistant at the Université de Montréal in the End of Life Care, and Family and Health programs. She worked for eight years on the CLSC Verdun palliative care team and has been a volunteer with the Jacques Bouchard Foundation since 2014.

Claudette Bélisle worked in the legal milieu for more than 30 years before becoming a tourist guide in Montreal. Through her social involvement, she has contributed to the well-being of young and old alike for many years.

Edith has more than 20 years of experience at Bos now Dentsubos. Based in Toronto since 2014, she oversees productions for clients in both the Montreal and Toronto offices. She has been closely involved with the Jacques Bouchard Foundation since its inception in 2007, when she met with Caroline Bouchard to present the logo her agency had created for the foundation. She also set up the foundation’s first website and participates in its annual fundraising activities.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Concordia University, Anne-Sophie Schlader has over 10 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and event organization, including a large portfolio of international clients at Leo Burnett Middle East.

Honorary Members


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